Poppa Rotzee Training Log 6/11/11

I am continuing my training, today was a Saturday.I love Saturdays because we typically have 45 min of straight rolling with no rest time and there is usually only a couple small guys there. I love rolling with bigger guys because it really helps me to find where I’m using too much strength in my game.With bigger  guys, you really have to use technique and timing.

I had some really good matches (all of them tuff guys), a purple belt, two blues and a white belt. My offense was good and I was able to submit most of my opponents, sometimes multiple times and survive against the ones I couldn’t. I had a really tough round with a big blue belt from Beaumont. He beat me on points for sure and although he was bigger than me…I think it was his technique that beat me not him using strength. Very good roll and I enjoyed it.

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  1. Andrew says:

    hey guys im just wondering how cna i get into ufc ext iv done kick bocing for 2 years and im currently doing muia thai wat else needs to be done im pritty big for a 19 year old as im studding to be a personal trainer i realy wanna get into ufc iv been in alot of fighs iv had my ribs rocken arms knuckles fractures jaw brocken nose and dislacaded shoulder so yea can sombody get back to me on information or details my email is stonnerwaffles@hotmail.com i am not a druggie just so u know plz get back to me asap send me a email kthnx

  2. wtf says:

    Man, that Black dude had an illegal grip at 5:02. Good video though, your speed is amazing at times. Not careless speed but like at 3:20, how fast your spin, lol, wow haha

    • POPPA ROTZEE says:

      lol its ok..I shouldn’t rely on rules to save me….he could get that grip in a real life situation so I should be prepared for it. As for speed lol, thanks…I’m trying not to rely on it and focus on technique as much as possible but its not bad having in a pinch ;P

  3. YourMother'sLover says:

    Nice video…I always enjoy watching you roll. Helps me spot parts in my game that I really need to work on. Your spider/DLR/open guard game is really good!

    See you tonight for some PoppaZekiel action LOL

  4. Jordan Burton, III says:

    Was that big Blue Belt Marcus Dailey? Yep, that was Marcus. Guy’s very close to purple belt and DOESN’T get tired. Well, he does get tired; but, he can train a long time hard while tired.

  5. Johnny says:

    Glad I could get ya warmed up, Lol!!!

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