Poppa Rotzee Training Log 6/11/11

I am continuing my training, today was a Saturday.I love Saturdays because we typically have 45 min of straight rolling with no rest time and there is usually only a couple small guys there. I love rolling with bigger guys because it really helps me to find where I’m using too much strength in my game.With bigger  guys, you really have to use technique and timing.

I had some really good matches (all of them tuff guys), a purple belt, two blues and a white belt. My offense was good and I was able to submit most of my opponents, sometimes multiple times and survive against the ones I couldn’t. I had a really tough round with a big blue belt from Beaumont. He beat me on points for sure and although he was bigger than me…I think it was his technique that beat me not him using strength. Very good roll and I enjoyed it.

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