Product review… Bullnox from Betancourt Nutrition

For the past week I have had the opportunity to try a a Pre-Workout drink from the good people over at Betancourt Nutrition.  If you are like me and sometimes need that extra boost to get going in the morning or before a workout these types of drinks are for you.   Here is a little bit about my experience I had with Bullnox.


Nutritional Facts: One scoop of Bullnox is just 50 calories and contains 11 g of Carbs , 0 g of Fats, and is Sugar free!


Taste: The flavor I had gotten was Blue Raspberry and the taste was actually very good.  Some of the pre-workout drinks I have had in the past contain a very bitter taste and sometimes are very tough to swallow.  This one was not like this at all.  I actually looked forward to drinking this each day.


Mixing: When following the directions on the label, the powder actually mixes very well.  I have come across a lot of different supplements in the past that were just a nightmare to get mixed.  You can shake for 10 mins sometimes and still get that granule feeling in your mouth.  You know what I’m talking about where you grit your teeth and feel like you just gargled a mouth full of sand.  Bullnox was easily mixed in a basic water bottle or a shaker cup with no residue remaining after a few hearty shakes.


Does it work: From the moment I start drinking Bullnox I begin to feel charged and ready for action.  Whether it be for a tough workout on the mats or just to get my day started.  I felt great!  I had no jittery feelings while on it, and the strange part is I actually felt a rush over my body.  Its difficult to explain a rush but for me I could feel almost like a heated tingling sensation going through my body.  During workouts I felt great as well.  I sometimes would wonder when I would start to feel tired but I never really did.  This past Saturday and Sunday I really put this through the test.  Saturday was a great BJJ class where we actually free rolled for 4-10 min rounds non stop.  I felt myself extremely relaxed in my rolls and my cardio felt great.  I never felt spent and felt if I needed to I could have trained more.  Sunday was a strength and conditioning day for me.  I was unmotivated to get the workout going, but once I felt the Bullnox kicking in I couldn’t stop.  I went from one exercise to the next with little to no rest for a good part of an hour and felt just as strong the moment I started until I finished.  The best part about all of this is there is no crash that I felt while drinking this drink.  If there is one I never felt it.  I mean sure you are going to come down off your high but not like you would if you were drinking your regular Monster type energy drink.  There was really no crash and burn feelings.


How I used it: I used Bullnox in the mornings as a pick me up and as well before a workout.  I, like I assume many people out there are not morning people.  I have never been a morning coffee drinker, actually I can’t stand the taste of coffee.  So I used Bullnox as my morning coffee and it really helped get my day kicked started.  I don’t know if its intended to be used this way but, I did it and it helped me get through my early mornings.  I also had the drink before each workout.  Before drinking Bullnox, I was having a tough time getting myself on the mat or in the gym.  Once I started drinking it that was no longer the case.  I wanted to train as much as possible and use the energy that I was getting out of the drink to have a positive workout each day.


In conclusion, I would recommend Bullnox to people who are looking for that little something extra to get them moving in the right direction on the mat, in the gym, or in just every day life in general.  This product can be found at Betancourt Nutrition and most major supplement shops.  I know for a fact they carry the product at Nutrition Depot at a very reasonable price!

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