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For this product review I wanted to switch over to a supplement that all athletes should be taking during the day or most importantly after a workout and that is Whey Protein.  There are so many different types of whey protein out there and most them do the same things for you with alot of the same ingredients to fill them.  What in my opinion that makes a whey protein worth buying is a couple of different variables, taste, ease of mixing in a shaker cup, and of course affordability.  This past week I received some sample packets from the good folks at Universal of their Ultra Whey Pro.  The samples I received were the flavored Double Chocolate Chip.




The taste of the Ultra Whey Pro was surprisingly good!  My experiences with whey proteins that are flavored other than plain ole’ chocolate and vanilla have not been good so when I saw the flavor listed on the package I cringed a bit.  To me nothing is worse than  having to choke down a protein shake, or holding your nose while drinking it as fast as you can to avoid actually tasting it because you know you need to get it in your body.  So when I’m reviewing these products I want to do it with just the protein powder itself and whatever beverage I decide to add to it, so I know what it taste like without anything else there to mask it.  For Ultra Whey Pro Double Chocolate Chip it was one scoop/package and I mixed it with about 8 oz. of water and the taste was good.  No holding my nose or anything, I was able to drink it normally with out gagging or having no terrible after taste.  The flavor was just as the package read Double Chocolate chip, which to me was closer to plain chocolate flavor but I’m not complaining one bit.




Now I’m not one of those guys who walks around with a blender handy.  So as stated before I want something that mixes easily in a shaker cup or better yet even mixes well with just a spoon.  Most of the whey proteins I have tried, mixing with a spoon left you with a clumpy mess, and using a shaker cup left your arm dead from shaking violently for 5-10 mins.  In the case of Universal’s Whey protein using a spoon or a cup will be just fine.  With the shaker cup the powder mixes easily with a few hearty shakes.  There is no protein residue left on the bottom of the cup so you don’t waste any of the protein.  The powder itself is fine so its similar to the consistency of your everyday chocolate milk mix so the spoon would definitely do the trick as well.



As for the pricing of this protein, it seems to be competitively priced with the other major label supplement companies.  On their website Universal Nutrition you can find the 2 lbs canister for $40.95 and the 5 lbs. canister for $69.95.  I think for a good tasting, well mixing protein coming from one of the largest nutritional supplement companies around that price is on point.


Here is the nutritional values on the back of the product. You can click on the picture below to see it more clearly

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