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For those of you that know me, know that I’m far from a body builder.  I workout and train BJJ, but a body builder is something that I will never be mistaken for.  With that being said I wanted to try something in conjunction with all the workouts that I have been doing from my training blog.  As most of you know all supplements work differently for everybody.   If you are like me and love taking supplements properly to help you achieve your goals, then you are already aware that USP Labs puts out great products, but of course   there really isn’t that LEGAL magical pill out there that will help you get stronger, gain muscle mass, and stay lean.  Or is there???  I just finished taking PRIME from USPLabs, and let me tell you this supplement is as close to magic as they come.  When I first started taking them with in the first 2 or 3 weeks I noticed something different within my workouts.  Workouts that used to leave me on the brink of death, I somehow began to run through them and want more.  Weights that I would struggle getting the last 2 reps out of, I would finish the set easily and add more weight or reps to the next set.  When I first started using these pills I weighed 211 lbs, after one bottle of Prime I am at 216 right now.  Now you would think that my diet is horrible, but I will tell you that my diet is clean about 90% of time. It would be impossible for me to gain weight without gaining fat, right?  Here is the kicker to the whole thing, I gained this weight all while getting leaner!  I look leaner, my clothes fit more baggy, people have been asking me if I am losing weight, but really I’m not my numbers on the scale have increased, but my fat has not.

For you BJJ guys out there let me tell you how this helped me out on the mat.  Along with a proper diet and workout, Prime has given me on the mat:


1. Muscular Endurance beyond belief

2. Fantastic Recovery ability, in between sets, in between rolls with little rest, and very importantly in between those mad scrambles that you tend to have during the course of a rolling session.

3. Strength, now regardless what you may think, you use strength in BJJ.  You have to have strong grips, you have to be able to explode in certain occasions, if you are competing against some one with a similar skill level and weight as you, the person with the better strength and conditioning more than likely will come out victorious.

So if you are like me and really want to excel on the mat, you put in extra work in the gym, and eat right.  This product maybe for you.  Combined with proper diet and workout regimen this may help you get to where you want to be.  I think this product is great for anyone not cutting weight, because of the size gains, but leaning up, gaining that needed extra strength and endurance, and recovery I give it a 10!  In the past 3 months I feel like my BJJ training has grown in leaps and bounds, not just from this pill, but putting in the work on and off the mats as well.  If you want to learn more about this product and all the other fine products USPLabs offers check them out here USPLABS Direct Product Page Now that I am out of the product I need to get some on order very soon!

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