Product Review- USP Labs Jack3d

Ever wake up in the morning for that early morning workout or run and just can’t get motivated?  You know the mats or weights are calling you, but all you want to do is crawl back into bed?  I have had many of mornings like this, shoot I’ve had many of evenings like this.  I just can’t get going sometimes.  I have tried sugar free energy drinks (honestly used to drink them all the time) and many other Preworkout drinks, which some have worked and some didn’t.  Some of those preworkout drinks tasted so terrible that I had to hold my nose just to be able to choke it down.  If you are like me and need that pick me up, I have found the be all end all to preworkout drinks. 


This stuff to me is pure gold! I am what you would call a connoisseur of energy of drinks. I have tried pretty much every one of them that is out on the market, I can’t help it I’m a junkie when it comes to this stuff.  Jack3d for me is leaps and bounds over all the rest.  I am on my second batch of this supplement and everyday that I train I make sure I have it in my system before my workout begins.  For me it helps me just keep going.  When ever I think man I’m tired or I can’t go anymore there is always that proverbial 2nd wind that I catch.  I am able to blast through very tough workouts in the weight room and train jiu jitsu at a very intense level.

It started with the Lemon Lime flavor, which honestly doesn’t taste bad at all and now the Tropical Fruit Punch which taste great.  This potent powder mixes very easily in a regular water bottle or shaker cup with just a couple of shakes.  Please make sure you follow the directions on this stuff.  If you taken this kind of supplement before like me your tolerance for caffeine should be pretty high, but Jack3d is potent.  I started by using one small scoop (which is provided in the canister) and felt great then.  Now I still only use 1 and a half scoops because it still works just fine for me.  So don’t jump in head first thinking “I take this kind of stuff all the time so I can handle 2 scoops” on your first serving, just follow those directions and you will have some of the best workouts that you ever had.

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