Pursuing The Leg Lock Finish From The 50/50 Guard with Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida

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No matter where you find yourself in a match, there is almost always a chance that you can score a submission victory.  Think about it; for every position, there is some way to get out of the position and score a sweep or a pass of some sort.

The key to being able to get out of a tough spot is to have persistence and the grit and grind to not give up.  Also, all it takes is a little bit of a threat for your opponent to believe you can end the match at any moment, and the prime body part to attack is to target the legs.There’s another article talking about just this that I think you’ll dig here.

Recently, I stumbled upon a quick video clip of Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida scoring a sick knee bar from the 50/50 guard.  However, it wasn’t exactly your typical 50/50 guard setup.  Placed in a difficult position, Buchecha fought tooth-and-nail to obtain the 50/50 and finish the match.

And even then, it didn’t come easy.

From Nothing Into A Knee Bar

The video is brief—just 62 seconds to be exact—but it shows just what you need to see.  The video starts out in what seems to be a reset, with Buchecha Almeida in a modified bottom half guard with his Kron Gracie on top.

Staying extremely relaxed, Almeida slowly and methodically plots his plan of attack.  Utilizing his knee as a blockade of sorts, preventing any type of pass from Kron Gracie, Almeida is able to force his opponent to work harder than he originally wanted too.

Gracie noticed that Buchecha had a triangle lock, making sure his legs weren’t going to budge.  Kron reaches over to break this grip, and while he was able to do so, this allowed Almeida to sit Gracie down and engage in a modified 50/50.

With victory firmly in his sights, Almeida attacked the leg of Gracie with no remorse and went for the finish.  Turning away from Gracie to make sure he couldn’t fend off the leg lock, Almeida would lock on a vicious knee bar for the win.

Persistence & Patience

In the video you’ll notice how Almeida attacked the leg viciously; however, the actual submission did not come right away.  A seasoned grappler himself, Kron Gracie was able to intelligently defend

Buchecha works in the 50-50 against Rodolfo

Buchecha works in the 50-50 against Rodolfo

himself for a few moments which made Almeida really work.

Buchecha had the leg isolated, denying Gracie the chance of properly defending and standing up to escape the hold.

Almeida showed fantastic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu IQ with how calm and tactical he was in his approach.  Rather than just trying to crank away at the leg, Almeida did an excellent job of waiting for his opening, and then finished the match when the time was right.

Dan Faggella

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