Ralek Gracie & Metamoris: Changing the Grappling Competition Scene

In the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling tournaments, there are many that ring bells with the community.  Sure, we’ve all heard of NAGA and Grappler’s Quest and I’m sure most of us have attended these events at some time.

While they are great in their own right, as fans, we’re missing that one stage that can provide such a platform for the truly elite to compete with one another.  Sure, we do get to see some great competitors at certain events, but not so often.

Luckily for the BJJ masses, a man with a familiar name—Ralek Gracie—is here to change the condition of the BJJ competition scene – drawing together all of the best competitors in the game in one place – with one, new rule set.  A member of the iconic Gracie family, Ralek has stepped up to the plate to help deliver a fresh new spin for the high-level grapplers out there.

The son of Rorion Gracie, Ralek has his black belt in BJJ and a 3-0 record in MMA; he can now add “BJJ Promoter” to his resume.

Taking The Next Step With Metamoris

Shinya vs. Kron Gracie - the Headlining Match of Metamoris 2

Shinya vs. Kron Gracie – the Headlining Match of Metamoris 2

Recently, I sat down with Ralek Gracie via Skype.  An extremely personable guy, Ralek was clearly passionate about his child—Metamoris—and it showed when I asked him about it.  Almost instantly, Ralek said how he wanted something that resembled what his namesake came from; the early days of BJJ.

“He [Helio Gracie, Ralek’s grandfather] would have no points, no time limits” Ralek recants.  “It would just be about could his technique, his leverage, his mental capacity give him the ability to overcome much larger opponents?”

From that quote alone, it’s clear that Ralek had clear intentions on making this a “tough guy” atmosphere.  The Metamoris competition will showcase the truly elite; those who will grind out a win no matter what.

Whilte noting the personal challenge that comes within for the grapplers, Ralek also made it clear that he wants to make a spectacle of the event and give these guys the platform that they deserve.  Metamoris will not take place in a hotel or a high school gym, but at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion.  Preaching his displeasure with time delays at other tournaments, it’s safe to assume that Ralek will make sure this runs like a well oiled machine.

What To Expect With Metamoris II

In just a few weeks, Ralek will be presenting Metamoris II.  A stacked lineup of grappling talent, this event will attract the pure BJJ fans, while crossing over and bringing in some MMA fans as well from name value alone.

Headlined by Kron Gracie and Shinya Aoiki, Metamoris II will also feature matches between Andre Galvao & Rafael Lovato Jr, Bill Cooper & Ryan Hall and Roberto Abreau & Brendan Schaub amongst other matches (On the Mat recently featured some addition video of Ralek speaking about the Metamoris 2 lineup).

Clearly, the potential is there.  Given the names and talent levels, couple with the attention to detail Ralek possess, it is clear that Metamoris can blossom into the next great event.


Dan Faggella

National Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

Writer for Jiu Jitsu Magazine


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