Renato Migliaccio: Returning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to it’s Original Roots

If God forbid you ever find yourself in a bar fight the last thing you should do is pull guard is in short what Renato Migliaccio told me in my interview with him. He has brought up that many BJJ schools have lost focus on the roots of the art and have been focusing too much on the sport aspect. Renato is releasing a course called “Invincible BJJ basics” where he is bringing back the Gracie mindset to the sport. In order to understand this course you have to understand Renato and you can check out his carrer highlights in this slick article!

What the course entails

When Helio first learnt Jiu Jitsu and started formulating it for himself he was thinking of practicality for the streets. This being said, most of BJJ techniques are designed for a smaller and weaker opponent to beat a bigger and stronger one

Renato’s course will give you the skills to win in BJJ

using the principles of technique, balance, and leverage. Key concepts such as escapes and getting off the bottom with sweeps were a major focus of early pioneers. Renato will show you some escape techniques and drills to get out of bad positions because if you cannot be held in a bad position during a match, you are probably winning.

He will also go through some more basic and fundamental guard breaks, passes, takedowns, and submissions. On top of all of that he covers strength and conditioning using body weight exercises and basic grips for BJJ. The combination of all of the elements he teaches in his course will give you a pretty solid game. He brings up all of these points and more in the interview I had with him below

Prevention: The Keys of Success

Renato told me a pretty funny story I would like to share with you. When he was Germany one time he noticed quite a peculiar sight. There was a man who had tied a kettle bell to a rope and then grip the rope with his teeth. He proceeded to lift his head back and forth in order to strengthen his neck muscles. When Renato asked why he did it, the man responded so his neck is bigger and stronger so he cannot be choked out.

To you and me that may seem absurd but to some they feel techniques like this work. Another is example is how fighters will ask Renato how to for example stop a sunk in rear naked choke when their back is already taken with hooks in. His response to everyone is to practice preventing giving up positions and submissions like that rather than try to escape in a near impossible situation. His course will also cover such concepts including guard retention, not giving up the back, etc

I would recommend his course to anyone who is serious about BJJ in all honesty. Sometimes we get to caught up in the new, fancy, flashy moves and lose touch with the basic fundamentals which win matches. If you are interested in purchasing it or learning more about it you can check it out here!

Daniel Faggella

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