Renato Migliaccio – Sneaky BJJ Turtle Attack

Renato Migliaccio is a World Champion, Pan Am Champion, and European Black Belt Champion. During Our Recent Interview he Asked me to Mention his New DVD Set: “Invincible Basics” – Which Covers the Foundational BJJ Techniques that Every Grappler Should Know. I Wanted to Give a Special Thanks to Renato for the Opportunity for this Interview.

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We all know that the back mount is the number one position in all of martial arts. What is better than being behind your opponent with full access to their neck when they cannot attack you back. Our BJJ game should be designed around taking and finishing from the back.

One common trend we see is the back being taken from the turtle position. Most fighters end up in bottom turtle when getting sprawled on in an unsuccessful takedown or when they turn up in the position to defend their guard from being passed. Fighters have become so accustomed to their back being taken from here that we can catch them off guard with a kimura.

Setting up the submission

In the video below we can see Renato Migliaccio demonstrating the technique. Let’s take a look at it and break it down:

renatocardSo what exactly were the steps?

  • Spin to the back from the top front headlock
  • Once you have attained the back reach for the far arm and set up your kimura grips
  • Spin to the side of the captured arm while maintaining the grips and heavy top pressure
  • Sit your hips threw to tilt the opponent down onto his back and still maintain the kimura grips
  • Consolidate a strong side control and then force your opponent to turn into you
  • Step the head side leg over your opponents head while maintaining heavy pressure and crank to get your finish

Submission chaining to the armbar

Often times we come across certain fighters who do not tap to certain submissions. There are multiple reasons for this including flexibility, improper technique, and scrambliness of the fighter. In the case of this kimura set up we have many options to finishing our opponent if the kimura isn’t completely effective. This time we’re going to look at the armbar.

  • Release the kimura grip while straightening out the arm and maintain proper control
  • While maintaining arm control spin to the back and keep your knee perched on top of the ribs
  • Drop back with the arm and ensure proper positioning for the finish. Make sure your hips and knees are tight, you are digging in with your heels, and that the thumb is up
  • Raise your hips and wait for the finish (similar to Lovato’s finishing techniques)

Thinking a few steps ahead

So what can we pull away from this article and what Renato was saying in his video? In order for us to have success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we need to plan our sweeps and submissions steps ahead instead of just reacting. In my recent interview with Renato you can get a better idea of his philosophy of technique and positioning.

This general concept of BJJ is seen especially at the black belt level in prestigious tournaments like the IBJJF world championships. If we can take just a few of our favorite sweeps and submissions we can chain together attacks that will catch our opponents off guard to ensure us to keep winning matches.

Keep drilling these techniques and I guarantee Brazilian Jiu Jitsu success,


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