A breakdown of the Reverse de la Riva Guard

Lots of people know and use the ‘regular’ de la Riva guard. Popularised by Ricardo de la Riva it has become a staple position in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

But there’s a related position that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years: the Reverse de la Riva guard.

It’s a powerful attacking position, but the main reason the Reverse de la Riva has become so popular is because it shuts down the cross knee slide (aka the ‘knee cut’), which is an incredibly popular guard pass at all levels of competition. Here’s an 11:49 tutorial on the Reverse de la Riva I shot with my friend Ostap Manastyrski who is a highly decorated lightweight competitor.

After we go through the basic position Ostap teaches an easy transition back to regular de la Riva. And then he teaches a somewhat fancier spinning-through-the-legs-to-take-the-back technique too. Trust me, that inversion isn’t as difficult as it looks, but even if you’re never, ever going to spin under your opponent like that then the first half of the video is still totally applicable to you.

Check it out:

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