Stephan Kesting’s ‘Roadmap for BJJ’ Book – Now Available in Kindle Format!

I hate being without a book.  If I’m stuck in a lineup, on a plane, or waiting for someone then I’ve usually got my nose in a book.  Life is short – learn something!

These days I carry most of my emergency books around with me in digital form.  That way I’ve always got them with me.

I’ve got the Amazon Kindle book app installed on my phone and tablet, as well as an Amazon Kindle device kicking around the house.  My digital library is shared across all these devices automatically, so I can start reading on one device and finish it on another.  Very cool.

But what does this have to do with you?!?

Roadmap for BJJ Hardcover KindleWell, I’ve just taken my Roadmap for BJJ book and turned it into a Kindle book.

This book is my BJJ manifesto.  It’s the most condensed training I could possibly give you in the art of BJJ.  I’ve heard back from hundreds and hundreds of jiu-jitsu practitioners who have told me that it really helped them make sense of this insanely complicated and beautiful martial art.

In A Roadmap for BJJ you’ll get

  • Tips and strategies that can be applied to your sparring right away.
  • Explanations (with photos) of how to use the six most important positions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to dominate your opponents.
  • How to figure out which techniques you need to learn and practice next.
  • What are highest percentage submissions and escapes for each position.
  • How to avoid asking stupid questions in class.
  • My best tips to maximize your training time, and to avoid injuries on the mat.
  • And a ton of illustrations, photos, and links to important articles and techniques you must know.

So if you’ve got any kind of smartphone, tablet or Kindle device I think you should grab it right now while it’s still free.

Click here to download the Roadmap for BJJ for free on right now.

For my international readers, here are links to the same book in the other Kindle stores…

“But I don’t have a Kindle tablet…”

No problem!  If you want to read this book on your phone or tablet then click here to download the Kindle app for Apple devices and/or click here for Android devices.  This app doesn’t cost you anything…


Stephan Kesting

P.S. If you like the book and could take the time to give me a quick rating and a review within Amazon I would be ever so grateful.  That kind of stuff REALLY helps!

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