Roger Gracie: Out Of Worlds, Who Will Take The Crown?

For 8 years Roger Gracie has been in the finals for the absolute black belt division ad the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship. Graciemag found out in a phone conversation with him that he will reluctantly not be competing this year. Roger was out of training for five weeks due to a leg injury and was unsure whether or not he would be able to compete and made a final decision here recently.

“I tried to get back to full-on training to get into the best shape I could, but I saw that I wouldn’t be able to be 100% to fight. So I decided to sit this one out,” said Roger, direct from London.

This might be a breath of fresh air for some, a chance for some to step up to the empty throne and place the crown of victory on their head. I suspect as thrilled as anyone would be to win the competition there are those highly competitive athletes that wished to take it from him and will immediately have their eyes focused on defending from his return.

Who do you guys think will become the next black belt absolute champion of the world? Rômulo Barral, Rodolfo Vieira, Roberto Cyborg, Bernardo Faria? How about Marcus Vinícius “Bochecha? The list is long and the competitors are hungry….there will be WAR this can count on it!



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