Rounding Out Your Grappling Game By Utilizing Your Ground Attacks

Being able to grapple and hold your own on the ground is one thing, however, being able to dictate the fight and decide what happens next is a totally different thing.

If you can put your opponent on their back and begin to mount an offensive attack that will have them on defensive, then you are increasing your chances of winning the fight greatly.  To do this, you must have proper ground positioning.

As Renato Migliaccio shows, using the half guard is vital.  Demonstrating two methods—the wind shield wiper and the trap—Renato gives plenty of reasons as to why these two specific setups work perfectly for those looking to become a dominate ground fighter.

Once you learn to execute these setups, the possibilities are endless, and virtually up to you!  Learning how to leverage these positions and attacks in your favor will most certainly help take your overall game to the next level, that’s for sure!

Transitioning From Strikes To Submissions

By trapping the arm of our opponent while we occupy side control, we have the option to do many different attacks from here.  Obviously, our first focus is to begin landing strikes, they do call it “ground and pound” for a reason!

Utilize all kinds of strikes from here; punches, forearms, hammer fists, elbows, etc.  This is a great chance for you to score some serious damage especially if your opponent is trapped under side control with only one arm to use!

However, these aren’t the only means of attack that you can deploy upon your opposition.  By leaving one arm free, we can still attack it by going for a submission.  The most common—and logical—submission to use here would be the kimura lock.

This hold focuses on attacking the shoulder joint, which can be seriously painful if your opponent doesn’t have much range of motion in their shoulders to begin with.  While going for the hold, make sure you keep the other arm isolated and remain heavy on top of it.

Using Proper Pressure To Dictate The Pace Of The Fightindex

One of the major focuses for this specific setup is how much pressure is being exerted onto your opponent.  It’s a tough area to judge, because too much pressure could mean that you are hindering your ability to be agile and nimble, meanwhile, not enough pressure could allow your opponent to sneak out from under you and get the fight back to the feet.

The transitioning of your legs is what makes this concept so important.  If you decide that the wind shield wiper method is for you, then be aware that your opponent has a brief moment in time where they can go for an underhook and get out.

Especially early on, you should put heavy focus on quick, proper movements.  When the second leg goes over the arm, keep it tight to their limb, making sure you clear their arm very quickly.

Also be aware that if you are going to trap the arm of your opponent, make sure that you lock on the figure four very quickly!  Stuffing their arm must be followed immediately by the trapping hold, or else they may be able to sneak out of it.

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