Samuel Braga: 6x Wold Champion Exclusive Interview

Samuel Braga is a 6 x World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He started with martial arts young at seven years old , practicing Taekwondo.  Since the beginning, Samuel has always enjoyed competition. He practiced Taekwondo for several years until he got his black belt winning some competitions along the way until he decided to take a break from martial arts when he was a teenager.

Samuel  was planning to come back to his training in Tae kwon do but upon his return he noticed his gym also offered a Jiu-Jitsu  class. At the time,  he was already watching UFC and was a fan of Royce Gracie (one of Helio Gracie sons who spread jiu-jitsu to the world using the MMA fights and dominating the biggest events in that time), as well as a big fan Rickson Gracie (Royce’s older brother fighting in Japan’s Pride MMA, which became some the most watched MMA events during 21 Century until purchased by UFC).

After he watched this class,  he became instantly hooked  and he began his BJJ training. His parents supported from beginning and continue  today, something Samuel is very thankful for, especially his father who gave all the support he needed to compete in tournaments. After winning six World Championships, Samuel is still practicing this beautiful art that changed his life, giving him more discipline, confidence, and respect in all areas of his life—inside and outside the ring.



Poppa Rotzee:

First, I want to say thank you my brother, you have always been a good friend and a great teacher. I appreciate you taking the time to answer a few questions before you head off to worlds.

Samuel Braga:

Thank you! Anytime, it is my pleasure!



1. Has there been any challenges preparing for worlds this year, especially trying to train while maintaining an academy?

I always have a challenge preparing for the worlds because it  is hard for me to make the weight. I am already lean and to cut the weight it is really hard.  I have a really good friend who helped me a lot and was really supportive while I was losing weight. She also gave me a book that changed my diet and my concept about dieting.


Follow up: Whats the book called?

I will reveal it after worlds, haha   🙂


2. What does it take and how much sacrifice does it take to become a world champion?

I think to be good at something, you have to pay your dues and make sacrifices in your life and routine. Its not something you kind of do, its something you either do..or don’t do.  It just matters how much you are willing to be good at it. It matters whats more important to you, is going out to the club with your friends more important to you than going out to the gym and train? If it is, than you probably won’t be a world champion.  I’m sure most of athletes, not only in BJJ had to sacrifice so much.


4. What is the difference between a black belt and a world champion black belt.

The difference between a black belt and a black belt world champion is his mind set. I think that if a black belt wants to be world champion, he must be focused, disciplined and have determination. I think those components are really important to be champion.


5. As one of the most dominate Black Belt Pluma World Champions, what keeps you motivated to compete?

I love to compete and my motivation is always to test myself on the mats and to be improving as athlete and as a person.


6. What can we expect from you this year at worlds?

I will try to put a good show and do my best I will leave as a surprise so everyone can watch .


7. Whats your biggest challenge OFF the mats right now?

My biggest challenges right now is trying to grow my school and expand. It takes a lot of energy to run a school and I have to put a lot of focus in it. I want my students to be the best and I have to be the best teacher for them for that to happen.



8. With Roger Gracie gone, who do you think will take the Absolute Division?


I think Romulo barral will take open weight class this year.


9. Do you currently train MMA?

I was training boxing but i got busy running my school. I want to


10. Have you ever thought about competing in MMA?

I have plans to fight mma as soon i got my school running and I can focus on it , if I have to do something I like to do it right.


11. Anything you want to say to our readers?

I would like to thank everyone has been support and believed me and god bless you all . I will not mention names because are so many , I don’t want forget anyone .. Thank you.


Here is Samuel Braga’s website. If you live ANYwhere near here….you gotta check this place out!




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