POPPA ROTZEE — 23 March 2011
Samuel Braga Seminar

My good friend Samuel Braga, a multiple world champion, national champion and pan am champion who is a student under my professor Draculino, came down to Gracie Barra Texas yesterday and taught an EXCELLENT seminar. You can really tell a Draculino student when you meet them, you can hear his teaching style in them…there attention to details. This is true of Romulo Barral, Marcelo Azevedo and the same can be said about Samuel. He was extremely energetic (As usual, anyone that knows him knows he knows he never sits still..even when hes exhausted…you will see him tapping his feet TAP. TAP. TAP. TAP. TAP. lol )  funny, paid close attention to detail and was amazing to watch as he moved on the mats. Very fluid and control with impeccable technique from years of dedication.

Kind of sucked though, last time he was down he taught me some REALLY cool “de la riva” stuff and I drilled them 2000 times over the course of two months and was starting to land it consistently in class and then BAM….he shows up and teaches everybody all my cool new stuff lol.

Nah, its cool I’m actually excited..I feel I learn moves better when other people attack me with them because then I learn what it feels like to have them done to me…where the weaknesses are and when I figure out defenses for it…it helps figure out better offenses for it because I understand the mechanics of why it work or doesn’t work. I took a lot of pictures and videos of the seminar and will post them soon.

Today I will be taking another private with Samuel and Rolling with him. I will video it as well and post it…here is last years roll with him.

(Aug 24, 2010)

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I am a Purple Belt and Assistant Instructor for Draculino at Gracie Barra Texas. I also shoot a lot of videos and created a Youtube channel for Gracie Barra Texas, which got me the nick name "Paparazzi" due to my running around with cameras all the time.

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