Setting Up A Back Take With The Inside De La Riva Guard!


If you have seen the De La Riva guard at work, then there are two things you likely noticed about it: A) It’s pretty tricky to learn and B) It can be super effective when done properly. If you havn’t seen it at work or don’t know what it is at all, I’d recommend taking a look at this article which details the basics of the move before you take a peak at this one.

The De La Riva—be it the inside or outside variation—can really add a brand new dynamic to your game, that not many people are willing to learn.  If you put the time in to learn the ins and outs of the setup, then you’re doing yourself a huge favor.

Once you to do learn the setup, you’ll be able to score some slick back takes by using the specific guard.

Executing The Inside De La Riva Guard

There are two different versions of the De La Riva guard, and for this particular setup, we’ll be looking at the inside De La Riva.  While it can be used for both Gi and No Gi, it can be done in a more effective manner for Gi based competitions.

For No Gi, you have less grips to work with, and for this particular setup, grips are everything!

What you’ll want to do at first is bring your right leg to their right hip. With a hook like placement, you’ll then want to lace your right hand in front of their shin, and grab on to the back of their ankle.

What this will do is it allows you to become inverted, allowing you to attack from the upside down position.

Once you become inverted, you’ll want to make sure that you have a grip on both of their ankle.  By using their base as a crutch, pull yourself under their base, so that your face is looking up at their back.

From here, you can reach up and grab hold of their belt, and begin to drag them to the ground, allowing you to end in the dominant back mount position.

Attacking From The Back Mount Position

You don’t have to be a seasoned vet in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to know that the back mount position can be one of the most dominant spots in all of grappling.

It allows you to exert total dominance over your opponent, and you can control them with ease.  Think about it, when attacking from the front, your opponent can use their legs, hands and reaction time to defend against your advances.

However, do they have any of those things for when you attack them from behind?  Obviously, they don’t!  This presents a major advantage for anyone looking to attack and get the submission victory.

As you would with any back mount situation, perhaps like this one as another example, you can look to sink the hooks in and work for a submission, or stall out from here, making your opponent’s experience rather miserable.

Ultimately, the inside De La Riva setup is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal, because of the access it allows you to their back.  By securing the back take, you are putting yourself in a great position to win the match and go for the finish.

If you are someone that likes to work from the back, then the inside De La Riva guard is something you should definitely add to your arsenal!

Dan Faggella

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