Side Control Escape- Hand Spear Leg Tackle

A basic side control escape that focuses on the fundamentals (body angle, hand placement and hip movement).

I personally believe that there is no better place for the hand then in the underhook position. If you place that hand at the front of the armpit it eliminates many of your opponents submission options and can set you down the path of success.

Keep in mind that it is important to move your hips away from your opponent while trying to get your head inside the arm that is cross facing you. This can be very difficult but if your opponent continues to follow you and makes it impossible to escape due to the cross face we have other options. Your opponents commitment to that crossface opens other options, but first we must make them commit! Keep your eye open for other escapes in future lessons and see how they all build off of eachother.

Also it is important to note that you have to have your elbows on the floor when you enter on the leg. It leads to a lot of problems if you dont which can include being submitted. Avoid those problems by not only having your hands but also your elbows on the floor.


Jeremy Arel

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