Side Control Escape: Pummel to Back

Another option from Side Control where your opponent is to tight for you to enter with the pummel. This is my go to escape and I have a lot of success with this.

Remember that when you get the forearm wedged between your body and their face it is important to lift with the elbow NOT the forearm. If you lift with the elbow it insures that your hand will be lower than the elbow and you can maintain that pressure upwards while rotating the hand into the armpit.

If you have not practiced “reverse shrimping” it may be difficult for you to come out the back. This takes a little practice but is a great move.

Also remember to keep good pressure with that arm extended on the back of your opponents shoulder while you’re coming out the back. If you immediately try to grab the belt your opponent will have an opportunity to turn back into you and this can lead to a lot of problems



Jeremy Arel

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