Side Control Escape- Wrestler Under Arm Spin

An intermediate escape that works well when your opponent is controlling over the body and is not chalking the hip.

It is important to control at the back of the triceps. This will allow you to control the biceps when you spin out the other side and it also is a good place to place your hand to avoid being submittied.

Continue to practice this move until you are good at coming out at the 90 degree angle. So many people when they do this move come out at 180 degrees (straight on with their opponent) and this can lead to you getting taken down by people who like to get ahold of the legs and drive. This can all be avoided if you come up on the side and control the chin.

When I control the chin I just cup it with my hand. Imagine if you were to cup water with a single hand and then place the deepest part of your palm directly on their chin. Once you have a good grip just lightly turn their face away by pulling the chin. This should not resemble a submission at all but it will lock your opponents spine and make it difficult for them to turn into.

It is important to spin to the back and take that dominate position as quickly as possible. The side position (as well as directly in front) are not resting positions when your partner is in Turtle.

Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel

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