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Side Control Reversal- Shrimp Follow Reverse

This reversal is a great option for when your opponent is staying VERY tight and has his hand placed next to your hip so that recomposing Guard is not an option.
This is a very high percentage move, even against people who are larger than you, when done correctly. The most difficult part is the timing and needs a good bit of practice.

Other points of difficulty include pushing with your elbow and not the palm of your hand and making sure to get that far shoulder off the floor. Sometimes this can be difficult and requires some cardio as your opponent is going to be continually flattening you out.

The last point that you need to remember is to shrimp your hips towards your opponent. This is counter intuitive but absolutely necessary. If you are having problems understanding what I mean please watch the portion of the clip where I do this without my partner. Watch how my hips move and the pressure that i create with my elbow.

Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel


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  1. Nice video and good pointers! :D

    I use this reversal all the time, high %.

    There are variations on this sweep and some of them can be found for example on youtube if you search for “Harpoon Sweep”. Don´t know who came up with it but I like the videos with Professor Pedro Sauer.

    Something I haven´t seen yet is when U don´t get a good grab on the gi or the belt or use the reversal on No Gi. I then prefer to just grab the head like a fake guilotine with the same hand I would grab the belt and use that as my lever. It works but look out for the head and arm triangle!


  2. Keylock!

  3. What if their top arm is on the otherside of my head?

    • Keylock or Arm Triangle (may be better choice)

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