Side Control Submission: Arm Triangle

In this video I show an alternate setup for the Arm Triangle. Everything about the submission is the same but requires a little more control over your body and a smoother transition between Side Control on one side to Side Control on the other.

This is a very common setup that all BJJ players should have. As I state in the video it works well against people who lift with their whole arm instead of just their elbow.

Try your best not to “hop” during this transition and focus on being smooth and transferring weight. The difference in hoping and sliding should be noticeable to your partner and give you more control throughout the transitions


Jeremy Arel


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  1. Hahah, there is certainly no doubt that these up and coming Martial Arts like every other athlete is bigger, far better, faster, stronger and even more skilled. Weather it’s Traditional Martial Arts or MMA, beginning at such a young age is such an enormous benefit.

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