Side Control Submission- Pedron Choke

This is a very simple and powerful submission from Side Control. This choke was introduced to me while I was training in Brazil by a brown belt nicknamed Pedron. This was his go to submission and he would tap everyone with it.

Make sure to dominate the position of Side Control before trying to submit your opponent. Use that shoulder in the face and chalk the hip with your hand that is feeding the lapel.

There is only one portion of this move that has to go quickly and that is the hand feeding the lapel to the hand behind the head. It’s not because they will defend the choke but more so because you will not have anything blocking their hips for the time that you feed that lapel. After you feed that lapel get your hand back to the hip as quickly as possible. Once you have gotten to this step you should have almost a 100% finish rate.

Keep your hips low, get on the balls of your feet and drive forward. One of the difficulties that my students had was that they would have to tight of a grip on the lapel and would not be able to straighten their arm. It is important that you drive forward and let your body weight naturally straighten your arm. If you try to manually doing it using the muscles in your arm it will never work.

Give this some rep time before trying it in rolling so that you can feel the distancing on the lapel grip and how to drive forward. This is a no nonsense submission and is an important part of my game.

Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel

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