Side Control Submission- Reverse Armbar

This video is a follow up option to the Far Side Armbar. It works really well when your opponent is waiting to rip their back to the floor during your rotation to the far side.

This technique is not used often because of it’s tendency to give up position when it doesnt work. I address this problem, and increase the effectiveness of the submission by leaving that pocket with my butt when I “fall back”. This pocket will give you the opportunity to enforce that distance with your shin and do a technical standup even if you lose the arm. As usual, always keep position before submission!

The feel for the Reverse Armbar can only be built by a lot of practice. It is a unique submission that requires the shoulder and face to squeeze the arm while also making use of that Gable grip to turn the triceps towards the ceiling.

Keep in mind it is possible to finish this submission without falling back to your butt but requires a lot more base and a whole lot of drilling to feel the pocket that the arm needs to be in.

Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel

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