Standing X-Pass (Plus Situations and Drills) – Jason Scully

After I sent out the video of the “Low Level X-Pass” I had a lot of people asking me to make a video of the way that I approach the “Standing X-Pass” so I did just that.

I’ve been on a guard passing streak lately with video but any good grappler wouldn’t argue against the fact that guard passing is an extremely critical part of the game that you should have a good grasp of.

So in this video you will find:

– How I approach my stance to the x-pas
– What speed I like to hit the x-pass
– Ideal ares to hit on your opponent during the pass
– How to deal with an opponent that tries to grab your leg
– Repetition drills and timing drills that I use and that you
can use to help you develop the “muscle memory” and familiarity
of the sweep so you can make it smooth and fast.

So I hope this video helps your passing game and it might be something that you can add, or even gives you some ideas to make your x-pass even better.

And on a side note: Something you should ALWAYS think about is that even if you don’t do certain moves, it’s always good to know how someone may approach it because your opponent may try to hit the technique on you. You don’t need to do everything but you should be familiar.

Thanks for watching,

Jason Scully

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