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No matter how hard you work on the mat, and how much you learn over the years, there comes a time where every good grappler hits a wall and has trouble taking the next step forward with their skills.

Whether you can’t quite learn that new technique, maybe you aren’t yet ready to advance a belt rank, or you have met the dreaded, daunting Father Time, there always seems to be roadblocks waiting for you to try and hurdle them.

Despite the task they all present, any good grappler can get past any roadblock with the proper training.  I can offer advice on how to deal with injuries, learning difficulties, etc., but I’m yet to gain personal experience when it comes to grappling at an older age.

Luckily, I spent some time picking the brain of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Stephen Whittier, recently who has a product coming out designed to help older grapplers become better overall competitors on the mat. You can learn more ways to improve your game as an older grappler in this article on BJJ

He shared a brief insight as to how the product came to be, and what it offers exactly for those who might be in their 40’s—or older—who still look to throw on the Gi and learn some BJJ! You can watch what he had to say in the video of our interview below.

A Man of The People

Stephen is one of the top black belts over the age of 40 around!

Running his own MMA gym, Whittier knows a thing or two about training people.  Not long ago, Stephen began doing online coaching.  Within the first five-to-six months, people from all over sought him out to get some advice to help their game.

Before long, with the flood of questions seemingly unending, Whittier decided to assemble a DVD series that will help answer all of these questions and more!

Like any good instructor, Whittier isn’t only doing the jaw-dropping, mind blowing techniques.  Well aware that everyone comes to him with different skill levels, Stephen has put an emphasis on the foundational functions of the sport.

For those who purchase the course, you will have a world class grappler help you with the basics:

  • Escapes
  • Guard Passing
  • Side Control
  • Power Positions
  • Mount
  • Back
  • Submission Attacks

And that’s only the basics!  Whittier doesn’t stop there, as he is always looking to help grapplers become the best they can be. To get the full review on the product check out what I had to say about it on my article on Science of!

Tactically Enhancing Your Game

In this series, not only are you able to freshen up your basic skills, you will learn specific situational techniques that every grappler should know!  Before long, you will be able to learn proper structure techniques, and framing your body to your opponents.

The more advanced techniques will also show you have to use the movement of your opponents in your favor, as well as being able to execute specific techniques in unique situations.

While discussing this topic, Whittier used a “cake” analogy.  He told me with a cake, everyone wants the frosting first, not the actual cake.  He likened this to BJJ, and how everyone wants the submissions (frosting) first.  In this course, you’ll learn bake the cake, then finally add the frosting on top.

So what’s stopping you?  Go get your hands on this ASAP!

Dan Faggella

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