Sweep: Closed Guard Concepts by Andreh Anderson

Sweep: Closed Guard Concepts

Sweep: Closed Guard Concepts is the first instructional release from Rey Diogo Black Belt Andreh Anderson.  This DVD is most likely targeted for the Blue to Purple belt range,  but I think just about anyone can take something away from this DVD and instantly implement it into their grappling.

Sweep is a closed guard DVD, that means you won’t find any fancy open guard tricks or sleeve-grabbing (Okay, there is a tiny bit of that).  This DVD does not contain any flashy, acrobatic maneuvers or flying inverted Ezekiel chokes (I know. Crazy! Right)   Just trusty, old-school closed guard. That being said,  you’re probably going to want to dig the ole’ Suzanne Somer’s thigh-master out of the closet, because this DVD contains about two hours of closed guard instruction with a few bonus submission techniques and a bit of live sparring footage to tie it all together.  The instruction is top notch.  The audio is very clear, and video was filmed with a high definition camera.  This ensures that the instructional will look great in any format, whether it be on a portable DVD player or your 72″ LCD panel TV.

The DVD opens with Andreh explaining a little of his closed guard philosophy, which is worth the price of admission alone in my humble opinion.   Andreh goes on to explain key positioning and posture within the closed guard,  and introduces a few helpful partner drills for sharpening closed guard awareness.  Once the foundation has been built,  the sweeps begin!  There are a multitude of sweeps in this DVD, but beyond that, Andreh shows multiple options, counters, or adjustments for each sweep demonstrated.  This is EXTREMELY helpful for guys who are just starting out, but experienced practitioners may also find value in refreshed memory.  Indeed, there is a bit of  “A-Ha!” factor to this DVD.  I know personally, that a few times while viewing the DVD, I said to myself, “Oh yeah. I remember that.”  Or, “How come I never thought of that, it’s so simple!”…followed by some stern head-slapping.


DVD Details:

Andreh’s Website: http://itsnotballetmedia.com/

$29.95 +s/h ($5 within the U.S., $13 for international orders.)

The Chapter Breakdown:

Sweep: Closed Guard Concepts DVD Chapter List

  • Benefits of the Closed Guard
  • How to effortlessly maintain the closed guard
  • Hip movement in the closed guard
  • Hip movement drills
  • Hip movement drill with a resisting partner
  • Taking initiative
  • The Rey Diogo Sweep
  • Rey Diogo Sweep variation
  • Rey Sweep to armbar
  • Knee in tailbone sweep
  • Pendulum sweep
  • Pendulum sweep angle change (when opponent defends)
  • Pendulum sweep to armlock
  • Pendulum sweep to reverse sweep
  • Hip bump sweep
  • Hip bump sweep variation
  • Hip bump sweep to switch
  • 2 on 1 to the back
  • 2 on 1 to the mount
  • 2 on 1 sweep
  • 2 on 1 choke
  • 2 on 1 to armlock
  • 2 on 1 to De la Riva sweep
  • 2 on 1 to De la Riva to back
  • Sweep against standing opponent (hooking the ankle)
  • Omoplata sweep
  • Basic sweep against opponent grabbing lapels
  • Bus driver sweep
  • Sweep to mount against standing opponent


As you can see, there are plenty of techniques to digest.  The Rey Diogo sweep is one of my favorites.  It is a tricky, yet deceptively simple sweep, that branches into multiple sweeping options.   Also inside, are tweaks and refinements on some familiar sweeps such as the Hip Bump and Pendulum Sweep.  A few De la Riva options and sweeps against standing and stacking opponents.  This is followed by a bonus section with five solid and sneaky chokes that are guaranteed to catch a few people by surprise (Unless they also have this DVD.)

I would recommend this DVD to those who may be looking to sharpen their closed guard game, rediscover forgotten techniques, or looking to get a new perspective on the basics.  And for $30 and some change it is hard to find a reason not to own this DVD.

Happy Grappling!


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