Sweeping Bigger and Stronger Opponents With Ease

The coolest feeling in the world is being on the winner’s podium at any BJJ competition and seeing everyone else around you that you beat outweighs you by 50 to over 100 pounds. We hear it all the time in sports about how a certain player got hurt or cannot perform just because they are smaller than their completion.  That my friends is why I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because if you are technically  sound and use the right techniques, size does not make that much of a difference.

When facing a larger opponent, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up on bottom whether you are competing in a match or you are just training in the gym. Unless you have very effective leg locks from the bottom position or you can throw up arm bars and triangle from 6 feet away, then you are looking at a situation where you either need to get on top with a sweep or take your opponent’s back to get the submission. So let’s take a look at the different keys and concepts we need to sweep a larger opponent. If you’d like to learn even more about beating bigger or stronger opponents check out my article on Science of Skill.com

Attacking the base

Marcelo Garcia is a master at getting underneath his opponents base

What is your “base”? Well, to break it down for you guys, your base is what allows you to keep the top position during a roll or a match. It’s what keeps you stabilized when you are defending a sweep. It’s what allows you to stay on top when an opponent or partner tries to topple you over.

If you watch the bottom games of some of the best guys that compete in the absolute divisions at BJJ or grappling tournaments, you’ll notice something in common: They are excellent at getting under their opponent’s base and manipulating their weight on top. I’m talking about guys like Marcelo Garcia, the Mendes brothers, etc.., who compete in these absolute divisions and win, usually by starting the match from bottom and sweeping. If you watch their sweeps, they are always looking to get under their opponent’s base to dictate where they can distribute their weight.

Using the X Guard against Bigger Opponents

If you’ve been following my blogs or watching my courses you should know that I love the X guard. The X guard is one of those positions in which you have total control on your opponent’s body from the bottom and can sweep them with ease by shifting their base. This concept is crucial fro lightweight grapplers and you can see the technique in the video below.

You can see above how you can easily sweep your opponent by getting under his base. Another reason I love X guard so much is because the multiple different sweeps you can hit. You can tip your opponent back, sit up for a single, send them forward with the battering ram sweep, and the list goes on and on. You can check some out here at Jiu Jistu Labratory.com

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