The Anti-Darce

This is one of my very best sweeps. I developed this when I was a purple belt and I’ve spent the last 5 years perfecting it. Hopefully this 6 minute video can pass on some of the finer points.

The first thing that I like to point out is that my game is VERY underhook dependent. I understand that the Darce is a very common submission attempt and that is why I named this move The Anti Darce but in reality this move can be used any time your opponent takes an overhook.

When your opponent starts to fish in that overhook to get the Darce you CAN NOT let them break down the neck. If you lose posture on your head you’re probably going to get Darced. If you can get control of your opponents wrist before he/she locks their arms into the Darce Grip then you will most likely get the sweep. Please reference the video to see what I’m talking about.

Once you have locked up that wrist grip (with your tricep on your opponents bicep) you have a VERY powerful grip, if not the most powerful grip (in my opinion) and it is time to abuse your opponent. Make sure you do not bridge your opponent over. I have seen this taught by a couple of different people and they always bridge their bodies. It may work doing it this way, especially against an opponent who’s body size is similar to yours, but against a larger opponent you can run into some problems. Make sure that you complete this sweep by moving the hips. The hip motion is a 180 degree hip movement. It does not have to happen in one smooth movement, you can break it down into smaller pieces.

Make sure to watch the video to hear about some of the dangers associated with this sweep.



Thanks for watching,

Jeremy Arel


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