The Best Drill Ever Created For A Funky Guard

This is a very unique drill I use to strengthen my hips, hamstrings and increase mobility for playing funky guards like the berimbolo, RDLR, and others. Furthermore, this exercise will greatly improve your flexibility especially in the hamstrings.

I decided to share this drill with my Under 170 BJJ group after several questions surrounding guard improvement.

From my experience, hamstring flexibility among the elite guard players is a must have. Without it you’ll struggle to have that funky open guard you so desire.

Be warned! You’ll get a lot of weird looks at the gym, but don’t let that stop you. 🙂

Start this drill using a standard 45lb bar, and use a spotter to prevent injury!

Once you get good you can progress in weight. Again, through experience I’ve found there is no better exercise for improving your guard.

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