The BJJ Heisman – Stiff Arm Success

The stiff arm is not just for football anymore


Generally pressing someone off you is seen as a “meat head” BJJ move.  However, the combination of a locked elbow with proper placement on the opponent’s body can achieve incredible results.  This might look like a strength move, but it really requires very little effort.

Here we look at three different escape options that will allow you to get out from underneath even the toughest side control.  You’ll be shocked how easy the technique is, but don’t let its simplicity fool you – it WORKS.


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3 Responses

  1. In several years of doing this against very high level black belts I have NEVER been armbarred. The key is pushing across the hips not straight up, also following the person over with your hips.

    I am not the only black belt doing this escape – I first learned it from Dean Lister here:

    Make sure your opponent does not go to knee on belly since that will cause the arm to extend upward rather than across and leave you vulnerable

    Marcelo Garcia also uses a variation on this escape

    Keep practicing and work your timing, I guarantee if you stick with it you will have success

  2. Martin Page says:

    First I would like to state that my following criticism is not meant in any way to be disrespectful.
    I thought it very strange when the vid talked about making sure you completely stretch out your arm.
    Everything I have learned in Flavio Bering jiu jitsu so far has been to never give a long arm. A long arm equals an Armbar.
    So last night I brought my Laptop to class to show my master this vid. Well my teacher was as skeptical as I. As the vid progressed he had me pause it at 1:52. He says: “There! That is the point where anyone with rolling experience will put you in an Armbar.”
    For arguments sake I mentioned that maybe with the putting of the webbing of the hand in the Armpit that it might not be possible to do it.
    So we went to the mats.
    Well after the 6th time I was put in an Armbar I decided that I probably wont be adding this to my Cross side escapes.

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