The BJJ Video Vault-Your App Review

When it comes to training and learning, we’re all out for something unique to our game.  Even if we are presented with the same information, it’s likely that we will absorb it in a different manner and implement it differently.

A perfect way to spice up your training—and make it fit your needs—is by looking into the BJJ Video Vault app.  For just a single dollar, the BJJ Video Vault is something that delivers in various ways.

Be it learning something new, to killing some time with a podcast, there is little that the app doesn’t offer.

Adding An Edge To Your Training Schedule

Let’s face it, we all have hectic schedules that cut into our opportunity to train and get on the mat.  Between work, school, significant others and various non-BJJ obligations, there are times where training be hard to come by.

However, if you have the BJJ Video Vault, that issue is no longer a factor as you can now train whenever and wherever!

With such an extensive, in depth video library, the BJJ Video Vault delivers on all cylinders that allow grapplers of any ranking, experience level or weight class.  Between the high level Jiu Jitsu moves and the match breakdowns, there are few various ways for grapplers to absorb the information that is being delivered in the app.

When you break it down and do the math, it’ll make you wonder why you haven’t gotten the app sooner!  After clicking the BJJ Video Vault tab, you’ll be brought to their video section.  Give or take there are 10 videos per page…and 72 pages worth of content (I go into this in a little more detail here at the full BJJ Video Vault app review at Science of Skill).

With hundreds upon hundreds of videos all in the same place, literally just a tap of the screen away, this has to be one of the more convenient methods of learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu related activities on the market today!

Everything You Need In One Stop

Like I said, the BJJ Video Vault is the definition of ‘connivance.’  Not only do they provide a fantastic library full of video content, but they leave no stone unturned and go all out to provide for you the best overall experience that you can imagine!

If you feel the need to take a break from all of the information you are taking in when watching the videos, then you have no reason to close the app, because you can just keep swiping away for your entertainment!

For instance, if you have a lengthy car ride—or a car ride of any distance—you’ll find the Podcasts section to be very useful.  Boasting four different podcasts, all with a unique characteristic to them, there is no going wrong with this part of the app.  Between Joe Rogan, Stephan Kesting, Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen, the podcast is a fun way to take a break from the information intake, while also continuing the learning process.

On top of the information you’ll take in, you can find product and gear reviews, and even information on upcoming events held by the IBJJF and NAGA organizations!

Between the amazing content, and the easy to navigate interface, the BJJ Video Vault is something that should find a home on your handheld device ASAP.

Get the App for Android or iPhone.

Dan Faggella

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