The Combat Skin ‘Combat Warrior Gi’!

Special thanks to Combat Skin for sending along the free gi for review. I can never promise to give “good reviews” for free gear, but I’m always appreciative for the opportunity to review. In this case, I’m happy to add it to my collection. Check out the Combat Skin Warrior Gi for yourself here at the Combat Skin main site.

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When I was asked by the folks over at Combat Skin to give their Combat Warrior Gi a test run, I was pretty excited!  Having tried their products before—and with positive experiences—I was excited as to what they brought to the table with their Gi.

Anxious to give it a few rolls on the mat, I walked away with some points of interest I felt were necessary to share with those who are looking into getting themselves a new Gi.

Durability & Comfort Score

Me wearing my Combat Skin Gi at a recent seminar in Oklahoma.

Me wearing my Combat Skin Gi at a recent seminar in Oklahoma.

For us grapplers who prefer to compete in the Gi, there are countless setbacks that we face, especially during those summer months when the temperature starts to rise and practice and competitions heat up—no pun intended.

Many times I have suffered rashes from my Gi rubbing against me in the heat of battle, causing frictionon the skin.  A nice feature that the Combat Warrior Gi boasts is the inside lining, which is made up of a light rash guard.  This prevents skin irritation, which is a huge helps for many grapplers, as well helps prevents the Gi from soaking up all of your sweat.

The more sweat the Gi takes in, the heavier it becomes, and it feels like you’re grappling with a weighted vest on!  That’s never a good feeling to have, especially when mobility and reaction time is such a crucial element to the game.

The shoulders on my gi were a little bit wide, but that may be because I’m a smaller guy with a smaller build, and I imagine it might get better once I wash it once or twice. It’s certainly not enough to tarnish my opinion of the gi, but it’s something I noticed about mine (a bit wide on the shoulders / back).

Something else that Combat Skin did an excellent job of covering is the durability of the product.  Knowing that constant use can cause rips and tears in the Gi, they focused on various ways to avoid this such as triple stitching in certain areas such as the under arms and adding knee pads to their pants to with range of motion.

There’s nothing worse than having a Gi be effected by the wear and tear of competition, and having to purchase a new one every few months can hurt the wallet, so having something that you know will last, it a nice reassurance when looking into purchasing a Combat Warrior Gi.

Made By Martial Artists For Martial Artists

Combat-Warrior-Gi-560-x-292Upon looking at the Gi, you’ll notice a nice design on the front, along with most of their other products.  At first I tried dissecting it on my own, figuring out what in the world it could be, but then I saw on the product page exactly what it was!

The Qilin is benevolent and king, but transforms to a fierce and powerful beast if good is threatened by evil so it is the perfect analogy of a true martial artist an represents the warrior spirit within.

Once I read what it was, it made perfect sense!  Even reading the description painted a picture of a grappler calmly stepping onto the mat, and when it was show time, he becomes that “powerful beats” that the Qilin represents!

Right then I thought to myself, “These guys get it!”  Knowing that your Gi is coming from guys that not only understand the game of grappling, but the culture and psychology behind it adds a certain dimension to the product that few other companies seem to match these days.

The fact that they had the description on their product page was fantastic.  Overall, their entire site is very functional and practical, which made browsing that much easier.

On the product page, they offer a size chart as well, with each of their offered sizes (A0-A5) listed.  A unique feature to this was that they also have every essential measurement for each size listed.  In a very clear manner, they tell you the chest and waist width, sleeve and body length, sleeve opening width, etc., for every size that they offer!  This makes the shopping process a breeze.

Some issues I found was their selection of the Gi color.  When teaching classes, it’s very common to see grapplers in all Gi colors—blue, black, brown—however, the Combat Warrior Gi is only offered in white.  Personally, this isn’t a major issue for me, but I can see where those who prefer variety may find fault with it.

Also, you must be willing to wait for the Gi to come to you.  Sometimes waiting for a purchase to show up in the mail can be tedious, but trust me, this is worth the wait!

Overall, it was a product that I thoroughly enjoyed, and can’t wait to throw it on again next time I’m on the mat!

Dan Faggella

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