The Finger Master Training Tool

Let’s face it, all of us in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community are very competitive when it comes to our grappling abilities.

We always look for a training technique to give the edge on the opposition, and thirst to get better each day.  There are times where we train so hard that we may hit a road block, unsure of where to go next.

But now that answer becomes clear; turn towards the Finger Master!

A Practical Training Tool For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

With the growth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu increasing by the day, we are starting to get flooded with training tools, DVDs, books, guides, etc. that make outlandish promises that aren’t always plausible in the long run.

So it’s refreshing when one of the most practical and useful training tools is something so basic in design and function.  The Finger Master won’t blow you away at first sight, but the manner in which it is used is what will do the trick.

Designed to fit right in the palm of your hand, the Finger Master has a red grip that sits comfortably against the meat of your hand, right near your thumb.

On the opposite side sits five triggers, which will be aligned with your fingers.  Each trigger is spring loaded, allowing you to push down upon it.  This is where you will begin to develop the grip strength.

You can isolate individual fingers, or choose to work multiple ones at once, it’s your choice.  Once you begin to feel a certain level of comfort and really want to challenge yourself, you can adjust the corresponding gages, which will either increase or decrease the pressure at which you are working against.

The higher you go in resistance, the stronger your grip strength will become, making this tool something every grappler could use.

Why Is Grip Strength So Important?                                                      

Grip strength, while easy to overlook, it something that every grappler can benefit from.  You can have all the right tools in your arsenal, and have the best counters and submission holds, but there will come a point when they become useless if you aren’t working on strengthening your grip!

The grip is such a vital tool, for both Gi and No-Gi competitions.  For instance, in Gi matches, working to use your opponents Gi against them is a big part of your attack.  It isn’t illegal to grab hold of it or to use it as a submission technique.

In fact, it’s encouraged, and the best way to become proficient at establishing the Gi grip is by using something like the Finger Master to improve your grip strength, making you a dangerous grappler to deal with.

Even for No-Gi competitions, where you obviously have no Gi to use, the grip can become even more important.  How many times have you tried for a submission but just couldn’t hold on?  It could have been because your opponent forced their way out or they slipped out; it’s probably happened before.

By improving your grip strength, issues such as these will quickly become a thing of the past, giving you one less thing to worry about in the heat of battle.

So what’s stopping you from getting the Finger Master?  Nothing.

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Dan Faggella

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