The Hooligan, by Ouano

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The Hooligan, by Ouano

Just released exclusively to BJJ.ORG, Ouano has graciously allowed
us to post the artwork for the Hooligan gi. At first glance, it looked like
the next gi to come out on the market with unnecessary fancy stitching.
However, when questioned about the stitch work, Ouano assured me
that this is not a gi that is all decoration and no function. The Hooligan
boasts a quilted diamond pattern on the shoulders to provide greater
structure for a roomier fit. The idea behind the design is to help
athletic built jiu jitsu practitioners find a gi that actually fits the upper
body without having yards of extra fabric dangling around for opponents
to grab. The diamond pattern is carried down to the gi pants for a
real knee pad feel. All logos and patches are classic and clean with
an embroidered “knee on belly” on both jacket and pants to complete
the look. The Hooligan is IBJJF compliant and will be officially released
this week for sale on OUANO.COM.

– Poppa Rotzee



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