The Local Legend-A Closer Look At Jimmy Pedro

Jimmy is one of the most accomplished Judo players in the world

As a New Englander born-and-bred, I have grown used to our size.  Especially for my fellow Rhode Islander’s, there’s no hiding the fact that we’re a small region.  I have traveled to many places—I loved Brazil!—and that’s when it’s even more evident how small we are.

While it’s easy to make fun of us and joke about the size, it’s also a gift for us.  I find that many New England natives love to support their own, especially in sports!  For me, and my fellow grappling-based-sport fans from New England, there are few competitors as famous in these parts as the man himself, Jimmy Pedro!

A world renowned Judoka, Jimmy Pedro has spent years—even DECADES—perfecting his craft and earning his spot as arguably the best American Judoka to ever grace the entire planet earth!

However, those high praises didn’t come over night, nor did they come by sitting around waiting for doors to open…they developed overtime with hard work and dedication.

A Decorated Champion

A Danvers, Massachusetts native, Jimmy Pedro has trotted the globe all in thanks to his fantastic ability to toss people around with the slightest of ease.  Like many Martial Artists, Jimmy began his endeavor into the wonderful world of the arts at a young age by wrestling.

Once his wrestling career came to a close, Pedro looked further down the road, and found something that would change his life—and the lives of many—forever.  He found Judo.

Spending hours on end perfecting his craft, Pedro would soon perfect his craft and become one of the most dangerous men in the entire United States of America!

Before long, Pedro found himself on the biggest stage of his life; the 1996 Olympics!  Despite years of experience prior to this, and many medals to show for it, the accomplishment of landing the Bronze in the ’96 games put Pedro on the map.

He would repeat this occurrence when he would earn the Bronze in 2004, just before retiring from active competition.

His overall medal count—Olympics and other various competitions—is somewhere around a total of 26! Jimmy has so many accomplishments in his Judo career including coaching the US Olympic team. In this article on bloody you can read an interview he gave about his career and the team.

Changing The Landscape Even Off the Mat

Despite leaving the mat for good in 2004, Jimmy didn’t stop shaping the landscape of the sport.  Keeping his name out there by coaching and having a film based after him, Pedro was still a power player in the Martial Arts world.

Recently, with the help of fellow elite level Judoka, Travis Stevens, Pedro released a product that aims to help Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players enhance their grappling skills by implementing various throws and trips from the world of Judo into their game. This article on Gracie gives a review on their new product!

This product is sure to help many countless grapplers out there improve their game, and make them even more dangerous than what they already are!

How can you pass up on learning these techniques!?  With the guidance of a world class, Olympic level Judoka, how can you not get better?!

Dan Faggella

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