The Magic Grip Triangle Defense MMA Tampa BJJ Technique

Kids martial arts Tampa Coach and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt demonstrates his creative counter to the triangle choke – the “magic grip”.

This techniques allows the top player to keep their outside arm in the triangle.  This tactic creates a wedge to fight the legs apart, shields the the neck from compression and provides a tool to recover posture.

Matt and his MMA students have been using this technique at their MMA Tampa gym Gracie Tampa South to terrorize the Florida grappling scene.

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  1. Chaz mark says:

    Thanks. It worked on a heavy 4 stripe white belt this week real nice. Not so good against a high level heavy blue last night lol. I rewatched Matt’s video like 15 times and think I need to try more of the chest assisting the hand to slide it in bc I had trouble sliding the hand through last night when the triangle was on tight. I tried the foot over his face escape which was thwarted him. I am, lol normally the nemesis of this particular training partner lol (friends outside the dojo we are) and the only way he gets me is by triangles.
    Chaz from Australia.
    New blue lightweight

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