The One Sure Way To Improve Your Grappling Conditioning? Burpees.

If you want to take your game to the next level, you have to be willing to put the work in off of the mat that is required.  Doing what makes you uncomfortable is what will help take your game to the next level and make you a better overall grappler.

However, it isn’t rocket science, with some dedication and discipline you can see strides rather quickly.

An ideal workout for any grappler out there is a killer workout that is based around burpees.  Don’t jump to conclusions; these aren’t your typical burpees.

The Various Types of Burpee Drills

At one point or another, almost every athlete that has competed at a certain level has had to do burpees at one point in their training.  Often met with moans and groans, burpees aren’t always the most fun…unless you know to spice them up a bit!

While traditional burpees are clearly effective, they can get bland and doing that over and over for an allotted amount of time can grow tiresome very quickly, plus you begin to lose the benefits of it after a while.

By adding variety to the burpees, you are suddenly adding a new dimension to your workout routine that wasn’t there normally.  Traditionally, burpees are meant to make you work!  By engaging your entire body, there is little to no rest time so you’re always working.

Once you add on to the face you’re now moving in various directions, adding specific movements, etc., the benefit only grows when you begin to switch up the routine and start adding new wrinkles to the workout.

I’m willing to bet that if you had to do burpees for ten minutes straight—with rest time, of course—you wouldn’t be all that excited for it.  However, but adding a challenge to it and getting to experience something new, it all of a sudden doesn’t seem too bad.

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How Do Burpees Improve My Grappling Game?

You might be thinking to yourself by now “how does jumping up, jumping down, kicking my feet out and jumping back up again help my grappling game?”  Well, the answer is rather simple, really.

When you evolve from the traditional burpee, and begin adding new dimensions to them, you are now engaging more of your body.  Sure, traditional burpees engage your body head to toe, but they don’t get into the nitty gritty muscle groups.

Once you watch the video I added above, you’ll see what I mean.  By manipulating the workout, you’re now adding emphasis on your fast twitch muscle fibers, reaction time, hip explosiveness and overall body strength and control.

Not to mention, that after a while of doing these burpees, your shoulders will be on fire!  Having to support your bodyweight on top of the actual work you’re doing on the mat is something that will add up over time and you’ll quickly see the benefits of it.

So what’s stopping you?  If the mind frame of “burpees are horrible!” is what is getting in the way, then you need to rid yourself of that thinking ASAP!  Once you see these versions of burpees, and how they’ll improve upon your grappling game, you’ll be glad that you started adding them to your workout schedule.

Dan Faggella

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