The Seated Guard and the ‘Idiot’ Sweep

Here’s a video in which Emily Kwok uses me as a dummy to teach the fundamentals of the Seated Guard and also one of my very favorite sweeps: the ‘Idiot Sweep.’

(I call it that because it’s so simple and so effective that when you catch your opponent with it, he feels like – well – an idiot.)
The funny thing is that this technique works on beginners AND at the highest levels of competition… against both bigger and stronger people… with and without the gi!

Watch Marcelo Garcia  spar or compete: he attacks with it continually!

And even if your opponent manages to avoid getting swept then there are lots of very powerful followup techniques you can use (which Emily teaches in our “How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent” 5 DVD Set).

So check out the in-depth breakdown of posture and movement in the Seated Guard, plus exactly how to do the ‘Idiot Sweep.’

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