Three No Gi Takedown Drilling Sequences To Add To Your Arsenal

When you really break it down, there are many ways one can go for the takedown in BJJ.  Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to think of, but don’t let that turn you away from them!

Learning them is easier than you would think, as they aren’t all that complicated.

Take a look at this video by Renato Migliaccio where he breaks down a few different ways to secure the takedown finish!

Transitioning From The High Crotch To The Double & The Single Leg

The most commonly used attempt to get our opponent onto the mat is by shooting in and trying to secure a takedown by

The High Crotch takedown is a high percentage move from wrestling

The High Crotch takedown is a high percentage move from wrestling

eliminating their base.  Much like wrestling, the high crotch, double leg & single leg takedowns are vital to anyone looking to be a good grappler in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

However, these moves are all based on timing and body placement, and if you don’t have the proper execution, then you are just asking for trouble!

In his video, Renato shares a nice drilling sequence that will be sure to help you hone your takedown skills:

  • With your partner, shoot in for the high-crotch.
  • Simulating a match, they will step back, allowing you to secure a double leg.
  • Next, they will slightly sprawl down, allowing you to transition to the single leg.
  • They then step back, having you switch to the high-crotch, thus re-starting the chain of events over again.
  • Repeat this process for two minutes!

The Knee Drop Back Take

If shooting in for the takedown isn’t you cup of tea, you can also work on drilling the knee drop back take!  This move is very effective for those that love working from back mount, and are always actively searching for the finish!

The move is setup when both you and your opponent are tied up on the feet.  From the clinch, you want to take your off hand and place the webbing of it onto their elbow.  While slightly pushing up on their elbow, begin to walk your body into theirs.  When you do, chances are very high that they will do the same thing to you!

When this occurs, drop down onto one knee and pull on the back of their neck, dragging them onto the mat.  Now that you have them face-down on the mat, all you need to do is advance and secure the back mount for the finish! You can learn different knee pick set ups in this article by Learn to Grapple

Russian Arm Drags

The last takedown setup discussed is very basic, yet super effective!  It’s a variation from the arm drag, simply called, the Russian arm drag!

  • From the feet, reach to apply the typical arm drag setup.
  • When you do, with your off hand, reach around their back.
  • Next, place your leg between theirs.
  • To execute the move, simply pull on their arm and lift their leg, sending them right to the mat, and you into the half-guard!

If you liked the techniques in this video be sure to check out Renato’s Invincible Basics course here!

Dan Faggella

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