Training BJJ with a Wrist, Elbow, or Shoulder Injury

The sad fact is that in the course of your BJJ career you’re probably going to injure your wrist, elbow or shoulder at some point. This is a contact sport after all.

And sometimes it’s hard to say what’s worse: the pain from the trauma itself, or watching from the sidelines as your friends get better and your own skills erode because you’re unable to train…

Fortunately there IS a way you can still train, still improve, still get better, even when you’ve got a banged-up arm that needs some time off and TLC to get better…

Here’s a short video about a great guard drill you can do even with an injured arm.  I’ve taught this drill even to people who weren’t injured, because of how quickly it improves leg dexterity from the guard.

Check it out:


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