Training Blog- 05/31 ESP-XC Time!!! Day 1 Cont…

So I did the first workout last night of the ESP-XC Program.  I did it after a very tough BJJ class last night, so needless to say I was running on empty after both of the workouts.  The Endurance Leg workout was pretty tough.  The way this particular workout is set up is you do 5 mins of different leg exercises and rest 1 min in between rounds.  In total there were 6 rounds of working out.  Now as stated before in my last post I dislike working out legs, I’m not talking about doing squats, leg presses, or something that you could do while at the gym, something that we’ve all done.  I am talking about body weight exercises that you may have done in the past, but putting them together makes the time crawl and your legs buckle at times.  Stuff like Isometric frog sits for 2 mins, just imagine sitting in the position of skier going downhill trying to pick up speed.  Who prepares themselves for that?  I don’t, especially for 2 mins, and it was a long 2 mins at that.  There were a few other exercises like this that required you hold a pose for about 2 mins and all of them were tough.  One of the things that was different about this workout from any other leg workout I have personally done was that it incorporated some movements that are geared towards combat athletes, while still working out your legs.  For example, split squats into a knee pound or your basic shot for a double leg, one leg step ups followed by a knee strike, and a forward lunge followed by checking a leg kick.

The workout itself was tough.  During the workout I built up a good sweat and could really feel a burn in my legs.  I didn’t have trouble finishing the workout but I will tell you I had to stop and rest a couple of times during some of those Isometric holds.  Those are the worst!  One thing I did find myself doing during the workouts was looking for a timer… on the video it doesn’t have a countdown or anything like that and I definitely like to know how much time I have left.  Next timed workout I will have my stop watch handy.   After the workout I felt my legs were pretty spent.  I didn’t have trouble walking around or anything but they did feel a bit tired.

Today I felt like I would be sore.  I usually get second day soreness, so I wasn’t shocked when I wasn’t all that sore.  The muscle with the most soreness this morning was my calves.  Walking up a flight of stairs was no fun for them this morning.  As the day progresses I’m sure I will start to feel a bit more sore in other areas of my legs.  Tonight is the Endurance Phase Upper body workout, and I really look forward to that one.  I will let you know how it goes.

Since I didn’t weight myself yesterday I did it this morning so here it is.

Weight 6/1- 216 LBS

Body Fat %- 16%

This mornings breakfast consisted of 2 whole eggs, with ham, jalapenos, and 2 links of turkey sausage and 2 slices of whole wheat toast.  I have brought to work for lunch about 8 oz of chicken breast, some mixed veggies, and my snacks I packed are a banana, some mixed nuts, and my gallon of water.

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