Training Blog- 06/07 Day 6 ESP-XC

So this was the start of the second week of the Endurance phase.  The first thing I noticed was the order of the workouts had changed so last night I did the Core/balance workout.  I like the idea of changing up the order of the workouts.  Yes you are still doing the same workouts, but its a bit different.  I know it doesn’t make that much of a difference, but I sure didn’t want to be doing a leg workout again last night.  Nothing much changed in the way my body responded to the workout.  I was able to get through ab portion a little easier this time but still had to take a couple of breaks during some of the exercises.  My balance still sucks!  I was able to hold this position that they call “monk sit”, where you stand on one leg cross your other leg over the top and rest it on your standing leg and hold a sitting position, for 30 seconds straight.  Which was better than before, but your legs start shaking and you try to keep your core engaged to help steady your balance but again my balance sucks.  One legged dumbbell dead lifts, are pretty tough as well!  Not that I am using a big dumbbell, just because yep you guessed it my balance sucks!  All in all, I felt good throughout the workout and completed all of the exercise including the finale, which was 100 situps.  That may not sound like alot but when your core is already tired and burning these get tough.  One exercise that sticks out in my mind is something that kind of simulates an armbar from side control/knee on belly.  You use a med ball, place your hands on it and put your body into a pushup position.  From there you jump to a knee on belly position one knee on top of the ball and back to push up position.  You do this twice with both knees, then on the last one you fall back like securing an armbar, but instead of you finishing there you do 5 situps and start again.  This goes on for 3 mins.  Its not that its a hard exercise but it does simulate a technique that is used often in BJJ and some in MMA.


Keep in mind that I did this workout after training BJJ for about an 1 and half hours.  Which we went over an arm drag to a double leg takedown and another escape from side control.  Then live trained for 45 mins.  I slept pretty well last night to say the least.  One thing that I can say during this process of doing these workouts is, I haven’t really been sore since the first couple of days.  I don’t know if the workouts are designed that way or what, but the first day I did legs I was sore for a couple of days.  Same with the upper body stuff.  I haven’t been since.  Not that the workouts are easy or anything because I feel like I do get a good workout while doing them, but just no soreness.

So today has been 7 days since I weighed myself last,  this morning I got on the scale and it read 214 lbs.  So I have lost 2 lbs since I started this workout.  I didn’t have enough time to check my body fat so I will do that tonight and see if there are any changes there.  I know some of you guys are requesting a power threshold number and hopefully I can get that done this week.  The number may be a bit skewed but after almost 2 weeks into the workout hopefully not too much.  If you have any other ideas to use a metrics for the workout besides weight and body fat % I am all ears.  I can do a bench max if you want, maybe number of pushups for 2 mins, I don’t know at least its something to gauge off of.

Diet wise has been decent.  I did attend a graduation party this past weekend and ate what they served.  Yesterday I had 2 eggs on a whole wheat bagel and a sausage patty, lunch was a salad with lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, chicken breast, a couple of pepperoni, and light honey mustard dressing, dinner was 8 oz of chicken breast, green beans, and whole wheat stuffing my only snack yesterday was some mixed nuts.

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