Training Blog- 06/1 Day 2 ESP-XC

So I said I would probably have second day soreness and it was true.  The leg workout from Day 1 has left me sore glutes, hamstrings, and groin area!  Not sore to the point that I can’t walk but sitting down is a mother….The second day workout consisted of an upper body workout that focused on my shoulders, chest, and back.  Again there was more of those darn Isometric holds that are pretty tough no matter how much weight you use.  Keep in mind right now everything is done for time.  The workout was set up just like the previous day 5 mins of exercising 1 min break for 6 rounds.  Some exercises are done for 2 mins long, mostly which are the Isometric exercises and all are done with light weight.  Last night I used dumbbells for a variety of shoulder exercises and some back exercises.  Those bands for back work and good ole’ fashioned body weight for chest and a little shoulders.

The workout was not easy.  You know I’m not gonna lie, before I started these workouts I took a look at the videos just to see what I was getting myself into.  When I watched them, I could see where I may have a little trouble but all in all I didn’t think they would be that hard.  I was wrong and last night I didn’t train BJJ so there was no excuse.  Some of the isometric shoulder holds were extremely difficult and after doing a certain amount of pushups, doesn’t matter the type, they begin to get difficult.  So during the workout my shoulders were on fire!  My triceps and chest didn’t like me very much, and I sweat like a mad man.  My back wasn’t too bad but it is sore today.  After the workout I felt great!  You know the feeling you get after a great workout, you feel refreshed.  That is what I felt like.  I just didn’t want to do anymore pushups.

Food wise I did good until dinner.  I ate some beef enchilada casserole and mexican rice that was left over from Sunday dinner at my parents house.  The only positive that I could see in that dinner is the casserole was made with corn tortillas LOL!  I know it was a terrible food choice but I only had one piece of chicken breast left and wanted to bring that for lunch today with a small salad.  For dessert last night I had some watermelon.

So as promised here is a before pic, these were taken yesterday.  Trust me I was very hesitant to put my pics out there like this, but what the hell its for science!!


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