Training Blog- 06/14 Week 3 start

So last night was the start of week 3 and it started with the Core/Balance workout.  I am still in the Endurance Phase and I feel like I’m starting to get through these workouts a little easier.  Yes even the balance part I think I’m getting better on.  Except that dreaded “Monk Sit”, I’m still terrible at that!  Last night I still felt burn in my abs and the Finale still kicked my BUTT, but I’m feeling good and am excited to start the next phase in a couple of weeks.

This workout was done after training in my BJJ class.  Last night we covered another take down off an arm drag that included an outside trip.  After that we learned an armbar from the bottom in side control.  We then did 2 five min rounds on specific training, which was done from side control top and bottom.  Then it was live training.  I don’t know how long the rounds were last night.  My guess was about 7 mins, and I rolled 2 rounds.  All and all it was a great night.  I rolled with 2 tough blues, one huge blue and one more my size.  Both were really good rolls for me, I don’t like to say I won or I submitted this person or that person.  I just like to gauge it on if I gained anything out of the rolls.  The first thing that pops out at me, is my cardio is good right now.  I can go hard without the fear of running out of gas.  Especially with bigger opponents who like to smash and really make breathing difficult for anyone.  Both rounds I rolled were back to back so it was 14 mins straight of rolling and I went hard the entire 14 mins.  Another thing I did notice, and its quite possible I have been doing this but it really stuck out last night was noticing someone’s balance or base was off at that split second and capitalizing on it at the right time.  I was able to sweep both opponents with some basic hip bumps after I had gotten both of them off base and caught them right in the middle of readjusting.  Well that is all for today.  I will blog about tonights workout tomorrow.


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2 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    G’day Babalu

    14 minutes straight is impressive, 14 minutes feeling good is Phenomenal. Can’t wait to reach that level. At the moment, I tend to get clostraphobic (not sure if I spelt it right)when I’m on the bottom and expand too much energy trying to force position.

    Love these posts.

    • Babalu says:

      Hey Mate! Thomas, sometimes when on the the bottom I get claustrophobic as well… it happens mainly when I’m tired and someone big and heavy has mounted me. What I really try to do when this happens is find me a little hole somewhere that I can get a good breath close my eyes and just chill for a moment. If they are just sitting on top of you and just trying to maintain you are in no trouble. In my opinion its easier to escape the mount when the guy on top is attempting to do something or readjusting then it is when they are dead set on maintaining the position and just sitting in the mount position. So if they are chilling, I am chilling until they start moving and hopefully make a mistake that gives me an opening. I enjoy when I am in mount on the top position and just chilling and guys are going crazy to get out of the position. They are using up all their energy and I’m just relaxed maintaining the position. Once they are tired then I attack. Some people may do it differently but this is how I go about it.

      Rolling for long times is something that you will get used to the more time you spend on the mat. Its not uncommon for us at our gym to do 4 ten min rounds with a min break in between each round. Yes you are still getting that min break but after 2 rounds it starts to wear on you. This is the type of training that I like to do because it’s not only good for you but it also test you physically and mentally. Thanks again for your support! I hope this helps

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