Training Blog- 06/15 Day 11 ESP-XC

Ok so last night was the dreadful legs night!  I have always despised doing leg workouts but like I said in previous posts that I know they are necessary and I make myself do them.  A positive I took from last nights workout was I am starting to notice improvements.  The Frog sits I’m holding for almost 2 mins without a break, well actually most of the ISO exercises I’m able to hold without a break or very close to the full 2 mins.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still feeling the burn during those times, but I’m able to push through now.  I am definitely getting stronger in my legs and its showing.  My numbers in the 1 min of Sumo squats have gone up as well so to me that is another indication that this muscle endurance phase is working for me.  For the next leg workouts I will attempt to add a little weight and see what that does for me.  One of the best part of this workout was, during the workout my 2 year old daughter came out and was like “Daddy what are you doing?”  I told her daddy is working out sweetie… she replied with “Can I watch you?”  I said “sure baby”  So she began watching me this was right about the time I was in the middle of doing the ISO Good Mornings, during the Over Head squats she became more intrigued and grabbed another broom and started doing them with me.  As the workout went on, she tried a few of the exercises like the Deck squat which was hilarious!  She was fascinated with the kick portion but for some reason she kept going back to the OH Squat!  She even did the entire finale with me which was 100 squats, counting by 20’s (because that is as high as she can go at this time) about midway through she grabbed her broom and went back to doing the OH squats hahaha.  This brought a smile to my face, when the workout was complete she said “daddy common lets work out!”  When I explained that the workout was over she got the good ole’ pouty lip and said “lets do it again!”  I told her that tomorrow we will do another workout and was proud that my little girl is getting started at an early age.  Ahhhh the joys of parenthood!!!

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  1. Thomas says:


    “The joys of parenthood”, that’s what its all about my friend. I have 3 young boys, 6 year old, 4 year old and 5 months old. Nothing else compares.

    It puts everything in perspective. I’ve taken a photo with the boys wearing my Gi and tell them in 10 years time their Daddy will be the toughest daddy in Australia….

    They look amased, my girlfriend looks scared, giggle.

    Whether I punch the bag in the backyard or do chin ups, sit ups or push ups, the 2 of them look sheepishly from the corner waiting for their opportunity to join in. I’ve purchased a training mat and continue to wrestle the boys at the same time. I think the scores are 6-1 in favor of the boys.

    Both want to start BJJ but unfortunately where I train they will not train my 4 year old until he is 5. I’ll start both of them next year at the same time.

    The laughter and sometimes the tears of rolling with my young boys in the backyard is what I will remember the most from the start of my BJJ journey.

    What better way to bond with your children through BJJ. It surely beats Nintendo and Xbox….Not only that, when and if the time ever arrives that I need to protect my family, I want to have the ability to do so and give the boys the confidence to stand up for themselves…

    You should post some photos to these posts. Maybe a picture of your daughter doing the squats or trying to submit you would be funny. Its always nice to picture the person you’re listening to.

    Thomas (future black belt)

    • Babalu says:

      Nice! I love that kind of stuff, I posted some pics of me and my little one doing some BJJ in today’s blog check it out. I’m glad you are focused on the long term goal in BJJ, the black belt. Keep trucking remember its a marathon and not a sprint, you will have many ups and downs through the process just continue on your journey and love every min of it. I know everyone starts with that goal of getting that Black Belt around the their waist, but retention in BJJ is terrible. You have your hardcore guys who no matter what happens they will get that belt time doesn’t matter to them, and then you have the other guys who didn’t realize how hard it actually is and the time involved in getting that belt. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many people I’ve seen get the blue belt and stop coming, or how many people actually sign up train once or twice and stop coming! It blows my mind! Stay on the course and keep training hard one day you will realize your dream.

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