Training Blog- 06/16 Day 13 ESP-XC

So yesterday after a pretty intense BJJ training session, I had to get in the Cardio/Combo workout.  The workout I like because it has a lot of punch combos in there, mixed with some different type of conditioning exercises.  I wouldn’t say the workout was easy last night because I was already spent from the training before it.  I made it through and had to push myself through it.  I had a little soreness these past couple of days in my legs and I guess I attribute that to a combination of the leg workouts and the cardio where your are bouncing around doing combinations just like you are shadow boxing (which I haven’t done in well over a year), combined with the sprawls, half burpees, jack squats your legs take a pounding.

My BJJ was pretty good last night, we went over another takedown and a reverse arm bar from the bottom side control.  We then did situational training based on weight from the side control for about 15 mins.  Which can get tiring because you are always going with a fresh person.  Then we did competition training for 30 mins basically since the class was so big we did first points wins and the winner stays.  We did this with no weight classes so it was all absolute.  I felt really tired last night during this training.  I don’t know if I didn’t get enough water or enough calories in my system but I was dragging tail by the end of the night training.

I realized I didn’t weigh myself this week, so this morning I weighed myself and the scale read 211 lbs.  Which means in alittle over 2 weeks I have lost 5 lbs doing this workout, I started at 216.  If you are wondering… I’m still waiting for my new baby girl to be born.  Here due date was actually yesterday and still nothing!  Tonight I will be doing another workout, after a little BJJ training.  Nothing too stressful on the mat tonight, just some technique and some light rolling.

For you Thomas, here are a few pics of me and my little one doing some training last year sometime.  Yes thats a pink belt and yes the socks match the belt!


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