Training Blog- 06/2 Day 3 ESP-XC

Last nights workout was from the Endurance Phase was called Core and Balance.  The core stuff I can handle it was tough, but I can handle it.  What I did find out last night is apparently my balance sucks!  Doing alot of one legged exercises which engage your core muscles as well as others, I was falling all over the place.  All the core exercises with the exception of a couple I had done before and knew what to expect with them.  Doing One Leg Roman Dead lifts (I think thats what it was called) One legged squat and reaches, and something called Monk sit is not my cup of tea.  I will agree that they were effective and the guy on the video kept saying “you can’t have strength without good balance” so I guess I could see his point.  The workout was set with the same time and number of rounds as the rest have been. One thing I have failed to mention previously that at the end of every workout there is something called a Finale.  In the finale you do certain exercise for a certain amount of reps.  They have been an exercise to an area that you have had been focusing on throughout the workout.  Last night we finished with 100 regular situps, previously we finished with a push up pyramid doing sets of 10, 9, 8 all the way down to 1, and the first day I did 100 body weight squats.   These finales are pretty tough when your muscles are already fatigued and you just want to be done.  All in all last nights workout was done right after BJJ training and I felt good.  I got a good burn in my abs, some in my legs with some of the balance stuff, and a great sweat.

Yesterdays meals included for breakfast I had 2 whole eggs, turkey sausage on a whole wheat bagel, watermelon for a mid morning snack, a small chicken breast with a medium salad sized salad, that had romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, egg whites, couple of pepperoni mixed in there, and low fat honey mustard dressing on it. My afternoon snack was a cliff bar, dinner included Meatloaf made with extra lean beef 96/4 and some green beans, and had a protein shake before I hit the sack.  So day 3 is down the tubes, I’m feeling pretty good and It looks like I have 2 more workouts this week before I get a much needed 2 day break before starting week 2. My leg soreness is gone, I have a little soreness in my shoulders, back and my abs.

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