Training Blog- 06/22 ESP-XC

Yesterday I found some time to hit the upper body workout in the final week of the Endurance Phase.  Before I did that because I will be starting the Strength phase of the workout next week I did one of the power threshold measurements that was suggested.  I measured the distance I was able to throw a 10lbs medicine ball.  I did this standing with my feet about shoulder width apart and using a 2 handed chest pass.  The distance measured was 29.5 feet.  With the rough week and a working off of little sleep I was able to make it through the upper body workout with few issues.  I did get some muscle failure which was to be expected without having much sleep.  I’m looking forward moving on with this work out and going on to the next phase.  Most of the workouts have become a bit easier and I’m beginning to complete all the ISO exercises without breaks.  Tonight I go back to training BJJ and will be getting some mat time.  I look forward to getting back into the swing of things.

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