Training Blog- 06/23-26 ESP-XC

I have finally completed the Endurance phase of the workout program.  I feel really good, with what I’ve been doing especially having to find time to get the workouts completed with little to no sleep.  I feel this phase has helped me with some muscular endurance, but not only that I have lost weight and fat in the process.  I am looking forward to moving forward to the strength phase of it as well as getting back to some normalcy on the mats and having my regular routine again.  Its not going to be easy, having 2 jobs, a new born child, and a toddler, my life is crazy!  I rest when I can, eat the best I can, and try to get the most out of every workout.  I’m so ready to start the new phase that I will go on just one days rest and start the second phase tonight.  I actually didn’t look at the schedule this morning, but I think the first workout of the Strength phase is the upper body workout.  I didn’t get a chance to look at the video, so I am going in this blind tonight…  I will post my thoughts tomorrow morning.

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