Training Blog- 06/27 Start of Strength Phase of ESP-XC

Last night was the beginning of the Strength phase for me.  I really enjoy lifting weights and having something to follow.  Not saying that when I do lift I don’t have a plan, but doing someone else’s plan is better for me.  The workout is based on rounds just like the Endurance phase was, but with this phase everything is supersetted.  Your super setting chest with back, or shoulders etc… Most of the exercises are based on a push/pull type format, and they are all exercises that almost everyone has done before utilizing dumbells.  Some of the exercises were db bench, db incline, db lateral raises, db front shoulder raises, pull ups, db rows, and db flyes to name a few.  One of the key components to this workout was utilizing a stability ball for almost everything.  Any exercise that you would normally use a bench for was replaced with the ball.  If you have done work with these before you know that these stability balls make you really engage your core to stay balanced.  I thought this was a nice added feature to the workout.

Every exercise was done for 8-12 slow reps and you moved onto the next one.  There was a total of 12 different exercises that involved, your chest, back and shoulders.  Four exercises per round 1 min break in between each round and in total I did all the exercises 2 times each.  During the workout I felt some muscle fatigue throughout.  None of the exercises were new to me so I was able to get through the workout while completing at least 10 reps of every exercise.  I did have really focus on maintaining my core tight to keep my balance on the ball throughout the workout which helped make for a tougher more tiring workout.  Today, I do have some soreness, in the 3 muscle groups that were really focused on chest, shoulders, and back.   I did get a chance for some mat time last night prior to the workout.  I did some situational training from the side control position, and then I rolled three 5 min rounds.

If I remember correctly tonight I legs portion of the Strength phase for the first time.  I will let you know just how much fun I have.

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